Annual Report and Accounts 2010


As thinking develops about what ‘responsible businesses’ do, Pearson is constantly assessing and reassessing the opportunities and challenges of responsible business practice. Public and private sector customers regularly seek information from us about how we go about our business, while many consumers and employees want to understand our approach to sustainability. Socially responsible investors and non-governmental organisations look at issues such as supply chain standards and ethics. Our approach is informed by the priorities and views of our many stakeholders.

Wherever we operate in the world, our businesses and people pursue a common purpose: to help people of all ages to progress through their lives through learning. Our financial and commercial success sustains us, providing the means to invest and innovate to deliver on that goal.

Although our purpose is deliberately broad and we contribute to learning in many forms, we are focusing much of our activity and reporting on three priority issues.

Our three priority issues

  • 1 Raising literacy levels, the foundation both for learning and reading for pleasure.
  • 2 Improving learning outcomes, for learners, teachers, their education institutions and for policymakers. We aim to create education programmes that have a demonstrable impact on student learning and institutional effectiveness. We believe that will be a source both of educational and competitive advantage.
  • 3 Contributing to competitiveness, supporting both personal success and wider economic growth.

In pursuing these goals, there are several key aspects of our business strategy that influence our approach and priorities for corporate responsibility. They include:

  • International As detailed elsewhere in this report, we are making significant investments to build Pearson’s business in new markets, particularly in the developing world.
  • Digital Our strategy includes a deliberate and significant shift from print to digital media. Over time, that changes the environmental footprint of our business and offers opportunities to enhance accessibility to our content and services.
  • Partnership We aim to extend our reach and impact by working with partners in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, through our operating companies and, most notably, through the Pearson Foundation.

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