Annual Report and Accounts 2010

Values, principles, behaviour and governance

The bedrock of corporate responsibility is the culture of the company. We are defined by our values – in everything we do, we aspire to be brave, imaginative and decent.

In turn, our approach is underpinned by our code of conduct that covers, among other things, the environment, employees, individual conduct, community and society.

We make sure everyone is aware of and understands the code. Once a year, everyone working for Pearson gets a copy, either electronically or on paper, and is asked to read it; to confirm to the Pearson CEO that they have read it and understood it; and in doing so, to provide a check that the company complies with it. The code forms part of induction and an online training module is available. If anyone has concerns, these can be raised with a line manager or through a free, confidential telephone line/website.

We are committed to making sure our people understand how we are doing as a company, including how world trends might affect both them and the businesses. This means providing comprehensive relevant information in a variety of ways – including regular presentations from senior executives – and consulting where appropriate so that we can learn and take into account the views of our people. We will always aim to seek the best candidate for a role: career progression will be without regard for race, gender, age, physical ability, religion or sexual orientation; and we will continue to monitor and benchmark our progress on diversity and inclusion, as well as providing opportunities for our people to benefit from our performance, such as through our WorldWide Save for Shares plan.

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